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Firm Profile


G. M. Snyder and Associates is an Executive Search Firm established in 1979 dedicated to the sole purpose of executing high level retained searches for our client companies in the manufacturing sector. 

We have filled positions at the Chief Executive Officer level and in every other management discipline in the manufacturing sector.  We have executed high level searches in Operations, Sales, Marketing, Finance, Engineering, Supply Chain, Customer Service, Quality Assurance, Human Resources, Business Development, Information Systems, Environmental Control, Energy Management and other disciplines.  Regardless of your search requirements, we have the experience and the expertise to successfully conduct the search for you. 

Our experience is very broad based and diverse in terms of industry and product knowledge.  Following is a partial listing of industries/products where we have knowledge, experience and numerous contacts: 

Motors, valves, pumps, compressors, pressure vessels, cylinders, relays, sensors, controls, heating elements, metal furniture, wood furniture, fireplaces, grilles, cooking equipment, laundry equipment, refrigerators, refrigeration, HVAC, food and beverage equipment, vending equipment, engines, diesel engines, aircraft engines, aircraft, actuators, speed changers, gears, drives, power transmission systems, transformers, utility equipment, circuit boards, plastics, non-wovens, composites, containers, packaging equipment, agricultural equipment, construction equipment, railroad equipment, caskets, medical equipment, generators, switchgear, turbines, lawn equipment, garden equipment, hand tools, power tools, trade show exhibits, nuclear fuel, ships, boats, heat exchangers, trucks, automotive, forklifts, transmissions, hydrostatic transmissions, weighing scales, machine tools, drilling equipment, oilfield equipment, fastening systems, sealing systems, building products, doors, windows and many others. 

We could write pages extolling the virtues of ethics, integrity, trust, excellence, quality, performance, service and hard work as the cornerstones of Executive Search.  We believe, and we think you will agree, these are the essential elements of any successful business.  Simply put, we feel that any organization is the sum total of the ethics, integrity, trust, excellence, quality, performance, service and hard work delivered by each and every member of the organization. 

We feel that it is incumbent on any organization to choose their employees wisely.  No decisions in any organization are so critical to the success or failure of the organization as the decisions invested in choosing human capital. 

At G. M. Snyder and Associates we feel that we have chosen well.  Our staff is responsible for the long term success of our firm.  Our success and the successes of our placements for over 35 years with our client companies are one and the same.   It is critical to the success of your company that you choose wisely in the selection of an Executive Search Firm.  No executive level decision that you make will have greater impact on the success of your company than the people you select.  

We have chosen our staff wisely and carefully at G. M. Snyder and Associates.  We have made your choice of an Executive Search Firm an easy one. 

Why you should select G. M. Snyder & Associates as your Executive Search Firm: 


OUR HISTORY:  Over 35 years of successful high level search assignments including extensive repeat business with satisfied client companies.  We can provide references.


LEAN EXECUTIVE RECRUITING:  No Executive Search Firm has more extensive or a broader or longer term experience in Lean Executive Recruiting than G. M. Snyder & Associates.  We also apply the principles of Lean to every step in the search process.


FEWER RESTRICTIONS, MORE FLEXIBILITY:  Our firm has inherent advantages over the very large Executive Search Firms.  Companies that choose to work with the large Retained Search Firms can ultimately receive a dramatically limited list of candidates to review for the following key reasons.  

First, for reasons that are obvious, a standard Retained Search Contract limits the Executive Search Firm to exclusively submit their candidates to one company and on only one position. Thus, a large firm with many retained searches is often burdened with the conflict of determining to which client company they should present a well qualified candidate.  Therefore, you may be competing for qualified candidates with other client companies of the very large Search Firm even though you have paid them for a retained search for which they have made a commitment to you.  As a result, you may not see all the candidates who are well qualified for your position. 

Second, with more retained searches, the very large Search Firm has more restrictions on companies from whom they can recruit. This can dramatically limit the field of potential candidates that will be presented to you for your position.

Thus, as a smaller, but highly qualified Search Firm with over 35 years of Executive Search experience, we are less likely to have the conflicts and restrictions that in effect penalize your company and limit your decision making ability.