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We feel that our firm has the longest and most successful track record in executive search with Toyota Production System based Lean/Continuous improvement/Six Sigma staffing.

We feel that we were the first executive search firm to utilize the Toyota Production System based Lean/Continuous Improvement/Six Sigma approach and kaizen events internally in every step of the executive search process.

Our firm's Lean/Continuous Improvement history originated in the late 1970's and early 1980's with the introduction into the United States of the Japanese automotive companies and their Toyota Production System based Lean/Continuous Improvement techniques.

We were actively involved in the Lean staffing of many of these start-ups from the very beginning. We have worked with many executives as they played key roles during those start-ups and throughout their careers to the present as they have become the Lean pioneers and eventually the Lean leaders throughout the United States and Internationally.

  • We have placed the corporate leaders of Lean/Continuous Improvement and members of their team for Fortune 100 companies.
  • We developed an active working relationship with one of the two executives largely responsible for the hiring of Shingijutsu to their first long term consulting agreement in the United States.
  • We also developed relationships with several members of the Shingo Board of Examiners and with many executives whose operations have been the recipients of the coveted Shingo Prize for Operational Excellence.
  • Our firm placed the Corporate Director of Lean/Continuous Improvement of a Fortune 500 Company whose team was responsible for achieving a copyright on the term LeanSigma and also whose plants achieved the Shingo Prize for operational excellence.
  • We developed working relationships early on with the founders of two of the first, and most highly regarded, Toyota Production System based Lean/Continuous Improvement consulting firms.
  • We have filled Lean/Continuous Improvement positions from the Corporate Vice President level through all levels down to and including plant level Lean/Continuous Improvement leaders.
  • We have also moved our firm from the Lean manufacturing based arena into other areas including banking, the food retail business and Healthcare. Among other Retained Searches, our firm has staffed the Lean/Operational Excellence Teams for several hospitals, including the Director of Lean/Operational Excellence for one of the top fifteen teaching hospitals in the United States, as ranked by U.S. News and World Report.

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