Search Process

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What makes Us Different?

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We will meet with you and develop a thorough understanding of your entire company, including its history and culture.

In addition to a thorough understanding of your company, we will develop a complete knowledge of the position to be filled in enough detail to sell potential candidates on the merits of your position and your company.

We will develop a document for your prior approval to be shared with selected candidates describing your position and your company. We will utilize this information to sell the candidate on both your opportunity and the strength of your company.

Our firm will determine and implement a search plan to produce the most highly qualified short list of candidates in the shortest possible time frame. This will be a targeted approach guided by the unique requirements, specifications and responsibilities required by your position and your company culture.

Your retained search will be assigned to a specific consultant who will take responsibility for leading, directing and executing your search. However, your search will receive the attention and resulting synergy of each and every one of our search consultants.

How We Can Help

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We will make many targeted contacts and conduct initial telephone screening interviews. Because we were one of the first search firms to totally computerize the entire search process in 1982, we are well equipped to target candidates with the qualifications tailored to the specific requirements of your position. As a result of constantly refining our systems and categorizing candidates based on:

General Industry Experience

Specific Product Knowledge

Input regarding their performance from Industry Insiders

Ability to accomplish a Geographical Relocation

Willingness to make a career change

Personality Traits



Management Skills

Positions Held

Leadership Ability

And many other Factors

We are ideally positioned to develop a recruiting plan designed to contact the best qualified candidates for your position in the shortest possible time frame.

We Will...

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  • We will develop a list of qualified candidates and meet with them personally to interview them in more detail and further assess their abilities to be presented as short list candidates to you, the client company.
  • We will keep you, the client company, informed regarding the progress of the search on a regular basis per your direction and as agreed upon at the outset of the search.
  • We will develop and present a suggested short list of candidates to you for interviews by selected company staff. The presentation of each short list candidate will be accompanied by a written summary prepared by our staff.
  • Our firm will be actively involved in assisting with the scheduling of interviews of the final short list of candidates selected by you.
  • We will debrief each candidate after each interview and report our findings to you.
  • We will provide detailed reference information in writing on all short list candidates of interest to you.
  • We will provide you with all the necessary information to prepare an offer and assist with the formulation of an offer to the selected candidate.
  • We will work closely with you to assist with the presentation of the offer.
  • We will assist you with the closing of the offer and the acceptance of the offer by working closely with you and the candidate.

  • We will assist you with the prevention of a counter offer by the candidate's current company. If a counter offer is made, we will work closely and diligently with you and the candidate to prevent consideration of the counter offer. We firmly believe in preventing counter offers and we have an extensive approach utilized throughout the entire search process designed to prevent them.
  • We will assist you and the candidate with scheduling a start date.
  • We will maintain regular contact with you and your new staff member after the start date to assist with a smooth transition.

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